Urban Carry Holster

I'm always keeping an eye out for any type of gear that is more comfortable, make things easier, gear that makes sense and gear that's functional. I came across the Urban Carry Holster on some website last year. I thought, "Now that's pretty slick". So, I bought one. They're not cheap but not too terribly expensive as far as leather holst

What Gives Me Joy

Yesterday at church, the sermon was about Joy. I’ll stop capitalizing it now. I thought about that sermon all day. I’ve had a rough year with depression and feeling lost due to my injury overseas last year. I've pulled out of that hole but I have my mom

Need to Push Harder

Today I shot my 8th, I think, USPSA match. Coming from a more tactical background it's been a little tough for me to finish at the top. Meaning...when I first started I was clearing my corners, "Pieing" around corners, re

USPSA Shooting

A buddy of mine has bugged/encouraged me to start shooting in competitions for about 10 years now. Last July I finally broke and gave it a whirl. Being from a pretty tactical background, I really didn't like th

Must Read Book!

I try to read at least one book a year. That's it, one book. Well, I haven't read one in about 5 years so I'm a little behind. I've made a vow that I'm gonna stop crushing candy when I poop and read.