My First Book!!

I’ve really enjoyed writing these past couple of years. I finally came to a point that made me decide to check another box in life and publish a book. I used Amazon KDP to publish and hired an editor to help me out. It was a great experience and I plan to write another one after taking some time off from this one.

Please consider supporting me by purchasing this book. I truly feel that everyone could benefit from at least one walk through the book to see and understand the path I’ve walked and what I’ve learned from the ups and downs on the terrain. We all know someone who is struggling with launching in life to achieve the best version of themselves. What I’ve done is packaged what I’ve learned, given examples of my own experiences and put them on paper for others to chew on and digest. Thank you very much for taking a look!! Please share with others. I believe we can all join together and provide the light so many need to see in this dark world. God bless!!


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