10 Reasons Why Direct Sales Isn’t Working For You

Not seeking personal development/growth Not willing to change Lottery ticket mentality Bottle rocket (see 3 fuels) Not a believer in the mission even if believe in the product Not reading the right books Still not a true risk taker Wrong expectations Poor leadership, if any Compensation plan makes it impossible I visit with people all …


What Is A Healthy Lifestyle?

  Kyäni - Healthy Living Movement from Kyäni Video on Vimeo. Wellness and PTG When relating to Post Traumatic Growth, I see a resemblance here to the whole "Healthy Living Movement". I believe it encompasses a full spectrum of wellness. The healthy living that Kyani speaks of primarily relates to nutrition. Nutrition plays a MAJOR …

Toco WHAT!?

I've spent the past couple of months researching various natural remedies to issues I've had with chronic pain due to arthritis and aging. Through my studies I stumbled upon a a line of supplements whose products are packed full of goodies. One of these all-natural goodies is Tocotrienols.

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