Tyranny In Virginia?

You may not be a supporter of firearms or gun owners. That's OK. Those folks may not be supporters of protests and flag burning. Point is, sometimes you take the punch in the gut. Just because it doesn't align with your beliefs or what you "like", doesn't mean you burn it down. There is an ebb and flow to harmony.


Bushnell TRS-25. Is it worth it?

In my search for a new piece of "good gear", I stumbled across this little charm. I've run an EoTech for years, have used the Aimpoint in the earlier days and have played with a few other red dot sights ranging from $60-$1100. I'm very partial to the EoTech. However, after reading some reviews and …

Urban Carry Holster

I'm always keeping an eye out for any type of gear that is more comfortable, make things easier, gear that makes sense and gear that's functional. I came across the Urban Carry Holster on some website last year. I thought, "Now that's pretty slick". So, I bought one. They're not cheap but not too terribly expensive as far as leather holst

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