Need to Push Harder

Today I shot my 8th, I think, USPSA match. Coming from a more tactical background it’s been a little tough for me to finish at the top. Meaning…when I first started I was clearing my corners, “Pieing” around corners, reloading behind cover and not rushing the targets. It’s been tough for me to come out of my shell and, for competition’s sake, toss some of that to the side. I don’t like losing and I get real down on myself when I don’t do well. My shooting accuracy is not an issue. I do pretty well there. Like, too well. I shoot mostly “A” zone shots. That means I need to speed up a bit and allow for more “C” zone shots and maybe even “D” zone shots. What would also help me immensely is shooting “Major” vs “Minor”. Since I use a 9mm pistol I shoot Minor. The scoring is a bit different. You score better/more when shooting Major. Major, for the most part, is .40 caliber and larger. It’s the Power Factor. You can shoot Major with a 9mm but you also run the risk of blowing up your gun. Not good.

I’ve been thinking pretty hard about moving up to the Glock 35 so I can shoot major. We’ll see. There are quite a few guys out there who shoot Minor and do really well. All in all, I thought I shot really well today. I felt good and had a great time. Next time, however, I’m gonna come out of my shell a bit and push this mother trucker.


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