USPSA Shooting

A buddy of mine has bugged/encouraged me to start shooting in competitions for about 10 years now. Last July I finally broke and gave it a whirl. Being from a pretty tactical background, I really didn’t like the idea of shooting for competition on a “one-way” range. Needless to say, I placed lower on the scoreboard due to me being so slow, yet much more methodical. As the months went by I started to figure out how to “game” things a little better. My times improved and I really started to enjoy the comps. The group of folks who go out and do these things are a fantastic bunch! I have really enjoyed meeting new friends and blazing on the stages.

Today I have the first match of the year. I wasn’t able to attend in January and February so I’ve really been looking forward to this. I shoot my Glock 34 9mm in the Limited class. We shot a “Classifier” in December which resulted my being assigned as a C class shooter. Next month is 3 Gun and I plan to shoot some IDPA as well.

If you’re a shooter I highly recommend attending or shooting a comp. It’ll really help you find some weaknesses and up your game. Be safe and happy shooting!!


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