Leaving Mega Church After 11 Years. What Happened.

And just like that, our relationship with our church home was severed. You know, I gave an analogy to a close friend the other day. I said to her, “Lets say you have an amazingly beautiful yard. You enjoy stepping out on the back porch, folding your arms and looking at the beauty you’ve tended to. Your neighbor behind you hollers over and says, “Hey man! Good to see ya! What are ya doing!?” You say, “Oh, I’m just standing here admiring my yard”! Your neighbor then invites you over to come view your yard from his vantage point. Now you’re looking at your yard from his back porch and wondering why it looks so bad. Dead weeds, mole holes, dog poop, etc.”.


Tomorrow My Life Changes Forever

I don't really have any particular point in writing this today. I just feel like getting some feelings out. Back in February (2019) our church talked about Cherish Kids. It's an organization our church started years ago to assist the fostering and adoption process for families. My wife and I looked at each other. I …

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