5 Ways You Can Give Back to Veterans, Active Duty and Military Families

Article written by Kelli Brewer at info@deploycare.org for Hoodlm.org Searching for the perfect way to support veterans, service members, and their families? You’re not alone. The majority of Americans would like to help these underserved communities live better lives. Still, many Americans are not sure how to best do so, which is why we’ve come …

Army Retirement. A Look Back on 25 Years.

Twenty-five freakin’ years. Wow! Where did it go? It started with President Clinton, then Bush, Obama and now Trump. Two of whom I’ve met. Today it’s official. Today is my day of retirement. I went downstairs to my “Man Room” this morning and pulled out some old pics and just kind looked around at all …

A Brief Synopsis of My Story

I enjoy writing because my mind is like a freight train chugging across the country. It never stops moving. In my world everything I think is important. Many times it’s just a thought that passes by but sometimes I really feel I need to share it. Enter…WordPress.

Boulder Crest Retreat Family PATHH

I welcome struggle. Too many people fear struggle. They wish “life were easier”. People say life is so hard. No, it’s hard work. We should celebrate struggle cause only then do we get stronger. You want to  be tough? You wanna be hard? Push thru struggle, see it thru to the other side.

Change In Life Is Your Decision. Own It.

I have a hard time staying in bed in the morning. My mind races and the thoughts begin to flood my mind. I toss and I turn. I kick the sheets off of me then pull them up to my neck. I start to get angry then I throw the sheets back with a WHOOSH, sit straight u then spin to the right. Once my feet are on the floor I begin to move like the house is on fire. Sometimes my wife says, “Come back to bed. You need to get some rest”! “Nope” I say, “Time to get to work”.