Affordable Steps Can Help Veterans Sleep Better (and Get Healthier)

By Brad Krause, Self Caring Active military personnel don't always have a say in their sleep schedules. And you might have gotten used to early wake-up calls and running on more adrenaline than quality rest. But as a veteran, re-acclimating with civilian life involves a lot of changes—and that includes your wellness routine. Sleep is …

5 Ways You Can Give Back to Veterans, Active Duty and Military Families

Article written by Kelli Brewer at for Searching for the perfect way to support veterans, service members, and their families? You’re not alone. The majority of Americans would like to help these underserved communities live better lives. Still, many Americans are not sure how to best do so, which is why we’ve come …

Out of Routine

I haven't written in over a week. Kinda weird. We took a little family vacation that I intend to review. San Antonio was pretty killer! I always used my own body and my own personal laboratory. Trying different exercise routines, diets, wellness practices, training regimes, etc. I've done this for personal experience. Instead of regurgitating …

Looking Back on 25 Years of Army Service

July 17, 1992 I was 17 years old. I’ve known I wanted to serve in our military pretty much since I was born but finally deciding I wanted to join the Army when I was 12. I couldn’t wait to get out of school and never really cared about school cause I knew the Army would teach me what I needed to know.

Boulder Crest Retreat Family PATHH

I welcome struggle. Too many people fear struggle. They wish “life were easier”. People say life is so hard. No, it’s hard work. We should celebrate struggle cause only then do we get stronger. You want to  be tough? You wanna be hard? Push thru struggle, see it thru to the other side.