4Runner ECT Button. Should You Push It? 

The infamous ECT button has caused  quite a bit of discussion over the years. To push it or not to push it. What the heck is it anyway? The Electronically Controlled Transmission (ECT) allows the transmission to rev higher producing more output for situations like climbing hills, pulling a trailer, etc. Many folks use it because they run larger tires and its cheaper than regearing. However, there are some setbacks. 

Toyota recommends driving in “Norm” mode. Page 101 of the owner’s manual will explain but using the thing can cause quite a bit more fuel consumption due to higher engine revving. I ran my truck with it in “Power” mode for 8 months. On average, I was consistently getting 14.2 mpg. Granted, I run 255/85R16 tires, have 5 inches of lift (3 suspension, 2 body), have front and rear custom bumpers, rock sliders, roof rack and a heavy foot. I’m gonna get crappy gas mileage. I then switched to “Norm” mode and have been getting 16.4mpg on average consistently. 

So, after testing this for about a year, the debate ends. Sure, you can accelerate faster and achieve more power but you’ll  be making it rain dollar bills in return. The choice is yours. 

Happy wheeling!! 


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