The “Norm” of Kids’ Sports and Why My Youngest Doesn’t Play Them


It kinda cracks me up when people ask me what sports my 6 year old plays and I tell him he doesn’t play any. They then go on to tell me that he should because it will help him with his social skills and he’ll learn how to work with a team. Especially since he’s home schooled. I think to myself, “Yeah, because he’ll never be social or learn how to work with a team without doing it”. See, I play with my kids. I didn’t used to. At 42 I’ve finally experienced how fast really does pass you by. I live with regret of not playing with my older 3 kids when they were younger. I wish I would’ve been able to take more time for and with them. I have a daughter in college, a son who’s a junior in high school, a son in the 8th grade and a 6 year old boy.


Here’s my take, brace yourselves for the feeling’s hurt train. Why would I force my child to do something he really doesn’t want to do and won’t really benefit from in the long run? In the big picture of life. When I can spend time teaching him real skills like doing life with people, chivalry, being a gentleman, being a good steward to the land, being a skilled craftsman, etc. Raise your child as you see fit. Don’t judge me how I raise mine. I have 4 and all have turned out very well so far. I wouldn’t want my child to grow up being a part of an organization that teaches that you really don’t have to try or do anything to win. Because that is not real life. Just being on the winning team doesn’t make you a winner. It hurts to get punched in the face. Kids should learn cause and effect instead. That’s why kids should fight. Kids should learn that you eat or get eaten and that success is not pursued, it follows your actions. Kids should learn that a lot of times the path less traveled is better and will make them wiser in the end. Kids should learn that struggle makes them stronger. Kids should learn to “earn it”.

I will not subject my offspring to a paid babysitting type of activity where the learning curve is mediocre at best. I want my kids to see and learn from my own failures and successes. I want them to see me suffer and exit the flame victorious. I want them to learn to work through their own problems with limited discipleship from me. Not be forced down the path cause “that’s what you do”.

That is all.


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