Crypto Currency? What Is THAT!?

I think the first time I heard of Bitcoin was in the spring of 2017. I don’t ever really shuck anything off, completely, I just start to dig a little. Well, I didn’t dig at all when I first saw the word “Bitcoin” on my puter screen. I Googled (I think that’s a verb) it and read for a few minutes and decided it was too much of an endeavor for me to get into. So, I kept on walking. Fast forward to June when I caught up with a close friend of mine. We were on a family vacation in Virginia when he mentioned it to my 15-year-old son. They got to talking and my ears perked up. Come to find out, my buddy had been mining this Bitcoin stuff for about 4 years. He went on to tell me he had a contract for mining in Estonia or some place like that. He said they had the cheapest electricity on the planet. That statement alone confirmed to me that he had done plenty of research on it all. Figured it was time to toss out the assumptions, shut my mouth muscle and listen.


Now we’re into August and my buddy and son had been talking about “mining rigs” and whatnot. When we first started our discussion about the “Crypto Currencies”, Bitcoin was about $1100 per coin. Here we are in August and Bitcoin was right around $4,000 per coin. Hmmmm……. I used to say “No” to many opportunities but I trusted my buddy greatly and trusted his knowledge and experience; him being another combat vet like me and us sharing many personal struggles. I went to my Edward Jones lady to see where we were on my retirement fund. I had planned to pull out $20,000 and put that into the Crypto world. When we sat down I asked her what she knew about all this stuff. I quickly learned that asking a financial advisor about Bitcoin is like asking a taxi driver about Uber. They don’t care for it too much. She told me I had “grown” my account to $64,000. I created my Ed Jones account in 2000. I looked at her and said, “You mean to tell me, in the past 17 years, all I have is $64,000? I’ll blow through that in about 8 months”! I then went on to explain to her that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome. Time for a change. So, I sold off $20K and walked in to the sunset.


After I wired that money to my buddy he asked me what I expected, how much risk I was willing to take, if I trusted him, etc. etc. “Yeah, yeah. Just make me money”. We went in together on an “ICO” (Initial Coin Offering) called Electroneum. I bought $20K worth of their “tokens” at $.01 apiece. That’s 2 million tokens. See, in the crypto world, these cannot be referred to as stocks or shares. They are tokens in the pre-launch phase then they become coins when they go live on a number of crypto exchanges. An ICO is nothing more than “Crowdfunding”. It’s a public fund raiser for a company to help them launch their product, idea, etc. Tokens are usually dirt cheap in the “Pre-ICO” phase. That’s the best time to get in since they are usually a penny or less. When you buy 2 million of those little tokens and that token goes live, going from 1 penny to 10 cents apiece…. Cha CHING!! That’s exactly what happened to us. Our Electroneum, or ETN as it’s identified on the exchanges, shot up. It hit $.14. I ended up selling 1 million coins at $.10. Do the math. If you don’t want to, here you go. I bought in at $20,000 and sold for $100,000.  In a matter of 2 months I had made more on that move than I did in 17 years at Edward Jones. Bye Felicia!


Since then, I have diversified greatly. Buying into 4 other ICO’s and many other coins. My portfolio went from my initial investment of 20 grand to up over $180,000. All in about 5 months. “Is this real and how do you get your money”? Yes, it is, and I have withdrawn a small portion of my money to prove it to myself. Back in August my buddy and few other crypto nerds created a small mastermind group of crypto investing. That group has grown exponentially. We share leads, tips and tricks. I have invested in mining Bitcoin through a company called Hashflare and our group spearheaded and investment group that mines and trades Bitcoin. Passive residual income at it’s finest. At a minimum, I get a 1% return every day. This is my slow and steady growth strategy where my ICO’s and daily coins are my quick cash turn arounds. I won’t get into “Mining” and all that entails cause you can watch vids on YouTube or Google it yourself. All this to say, the world has and is evolving. There are SO many ways to make money out there it’s ridiculous. Only the people who continue to walk through life with their blinders on will be the people who sit and scratch their heads trying to figure out how their neighbor paid off their house and is driving a new Lambo. It’s real and it’s here to stay.



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