Need For Independence

This isn’t so much about the NEED to be independent but the willingness to be independent. Relying on external forces to provide for us can lead to hurt feelings. Much like expectations lead to hurt feelings. Being independent basically means being able to provide for ourselves in a multitude of ways. In other words, the lack of being independent reduces your survivability, in general.


With advances in technology and living in the modern world so many things are presented to us on a golden platter. That means we don’t have to work as hard as we once did to receive what we need. Gone are the days of plowing fields, riding 20 miles into town once a week for supplies, etc. Nowadays, everything is instant and seamless. Well, for the most part. If it’s not seamless it’s usually not that hard to fix. Many people rely on others to get things done. Many people also rely on others to provide their hard-earned pay. I am an advocate for learning skills and learning to be independent. When the dust settles, it’s just you. When it really boils down to it, no one cares for you and your family as much as YOU. Independence is a gift that so many people just give away, freely. Why? Because being a loner is not easy. You eat what you kill. In many third world countries, if you do not have money to buy or the means to acquire food you simply starve. In America we have programs to thwart that. If you have no money you apply for Welfare if you have no food, there are many places to help. This allows people to simply do nothing and skate by in life. Wrong answer!


How do we regain our independence? Simple…learn skills and be bold. Traditional labor skills are a dying art. We need skilled laborers to build, repair and do the arduous work that many Americans are not willing to do. That’s why those job pay so much. Many people are too scared to take that leap of faith and DO something on their own either because they lack the know how and/or direction. You just start, it’s that easy. By design, humans are the epitome of becoming self-aware. Our brains are constantly working to learn and be creative. Our brains are masters of learning the HOW of things. We are born to be creative. That’s why so many children enjoy building, drawing, coloring, making sounds, etc. As we grow older the tools of modern day begin to slip in and steal that creativity from us. Never rob a child of the opportunity to be creative and independent. In the heart of man burns a desire to be free and adventurous; to take risk and overcome. It’s only when people see that obstacle, that mountain, that intimidates them and through a learned reaction they shy away from the challenge. Boldness is dying. The opportunity you’ve been waiting for, that “big break”, is usually right in front of you but you are CHOOSING to let Fear win. You are not being bold. You can Google anything and find out how to do it. There are people making rockets in their back yard and launching themselves into our atmosphere because they seek that desire to do something bold and courageous.


Being creative or having knowledge of a need that others can capitalize on usually dies with the wonderer. It’s easy to talk about an idea or how you would do something but it’s a whole other thing to TAKE ACTION. That’s where most people stop. It’s the taking of action that stunts people of their personal growth and extinguishes the fire in their soul. You MUST learn to be independent. It is so important to have your own “thing”. When it comes to business and making money it’s the people at the top of their industry who went against the grain and proved the naysayers wrong. They chose to remove themselves from the main stream and stand on their own. That’s not to say they didn’t find others who were like them to embark upon the journey with. I’m just saying that if you have a desire to do something great, let nothing stop you. Seek out like minded people and associate yourself with people you desire to be like who are doing things you desire to do. I always ask people, when beginning a new adventure, “What do you feel you have to bring to the table”? We all have gifts. Realize and use those gifts. I can watch someone for a day or two and tell them what their gifts are. Not even that long, really.

  1. It boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem. An increase in self-confidence means that you trust yourself to be competent in the situations you confront, and a boost in self-esteem gives a positive outlook on yourself. Learning independence instills confidence because you believe in the knowledge and capacities you possess to deal with any challenge.
  2. It decreases the burden you place on family, friends, and society. If you are capable of meeting your own needs with the help of technology, you don’t have to depend on others for help. Instead of being a burden, you lighten the load of others.
  3. It turns you into an asset to help other people. It is not bad to need help. Everyone needs it at some point. But, with independence comes the ability to care for yourself and help other people with the knowledge and abilities you have. People learn to trust you as a beneficial resource and look to you for assistance.
  4. It enhances your reputation among friends and colleagues. When you prove that you are independent, other people view you positively as a contributor to society rather than a dependent. Today, reputation determines how far you can go in life. Independence creates a powerful reputation.
  5. It leads to financial freedom because you are skilled and capable. You are able to work and earn wages that allow you to provide for yourself and prepare for the future. Financial uncertainty is frightening, but independence is empowering.
  6. It gives you social independence and dexterity. The world we live in is social both in face-to-face situations and online in social media engagements. Sociability is essential to being human, and being independent provides you with the ability to maneuver in society and mingle with people. This enables friendships, networking, and collaboration.
  7. It makes you physically capable of caring for yourself and others. Despite disabilities, the more physically able you make yourself, the better you are able to deal with situations in your environment.
  8. It fills you with a sense of joy and happiness that can come from no other source. Happiness comes from independence, self-esteem, the ability to associate with and help others, and physical activity.
  9. It places you in a position to be an innovator with independent thought. Regardless of your occupation or workplace, innovation is a valuable commodity, and independent creativity makes you a powerful asset to your employer or to your own business.
  10. It makes you mobile rather than confined within your community. This means that you are able to freely act, move, and operate as you see fit. You are not bound to your current circumstances but can alter your future for the better.
  11. It sets you up for further progress and self-sufficiency. Because you can rely on yourself, you are able to keep up with technology, and, with that resource, you can accomplish anything you want and you possess the means for infinite progression. Rather than falling behind with every new step technology takes, you are able to stay ahead of the changes and adapt as needed.


Be bold and choose to step out from the herd. Yes, it’s scary but well worth the experience and opportunity to grow and be great. You can still be part of a society and still belong but don’t be afraid to chase your dreams. Ask questions, don’t just take things for face value. Challenge what you hear or see. Find a tribe of people who are like what you desire so you can learn together. Being independent will reward you the most financially and spiritually. We were not created as part of a “Lot” of people like parts on an assembly line. We are all unique and it’s our duty to maintain that uniqueness and use it to prosper.


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