370Z Nismo Tech Review

The thought hit me the other day to do a review on my 2015 Nissan 370z Nismo Tech since I enjoy sharing reviews and LOVE my car. Back in November 2017, I was able to purchase the COOLEST car I’ve ever owned. The network marketing company I’m with has what they call the “Dream Car Program”. Once you hit a certain rank you can purchase any car you want as long as it’s white and within 5 years old. The first level of the program pays you $1000 down and $500/month for your car. I wouldn’t say this is my dream car but it’s by far the dreamiest car I’ve ever had the privilege to own.


Since I was a teenager, every time I saw a “Z Car” driving down the street it always turned my head. I never really thought about owning one, I’ve just always thought they were cool. So, when I became eligible for the car program I knew what I wanted! I was pretty picky about the details, too. It had to be an automatic and the “Nismo Tech” version of the 370Z. With the paddle shifters the automatic is actually quicker than the manual. I thought about buying the Sport edition then adding the upgrades but decided I wasn’t in the mood for the build. I only found about 5 within 800 miles of me. That was a bummer cause I knew it’d have to get shipped or I’d have to fly there to get it. I finally found one in Tennessee while on vacation in Hawaii. I called them, worked out the details and bought that sucker!! It arrived on a chilly night on a transport truck a few miles from my house. I was like a child all over again.


I had already decided what upgrades I was gonna add on to it but after that first drive I started wondering if I needed to add anything. The car was an absolute joy to drive. I smiled, and still do, from ear to ear when I took her on her maiden voyage. Since owning it, I’ve driven it to Dallas twice and Des Moines, Iowa once. I could seriously drive this thing from coast to coast. It drives and rides better than I had expected. After owning it for about a month I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on some upgrades from AAM Competition. For a moment I thought about throwing twin turbos on it which would add another 500-800hp, depending on the boost. After researching all that would entail I decided against it simply cause of the cost and the upkeep to maintain a boosted car. It would be super sweet to do it, though.

Cold Air Intake after installation.
Test Pipes and Intake.
UpRev Tuning kit.

I chose to go with AAM Competition simply because they gave me a military discount on everything. The total cost for me was right around $1800 for the cold air intake, resonated test pipes and the UpRev tune. I also added Top Performance Pro 1 axle back exhaust pipes for another $300. The car performs ridiculously well, sounds awesome and has hurt a lot of feelings on the street. It’s a beautiful car that turns a LOT of heads when I’m out cruising around. I have since joined the Ozarks Z Club which has been a lot of fun learning more about the heritage of the “Fairlady Z” and the folks in the club are just great folks. A couple months ago I took it to the dragstrip and smoked the guys I ran against as well as running it on the AutoX (cross) circuit one weekend. I’ve slowed down on the track stuff simply because of the rapid wear on those pricey tires!! I gotta say that I love just about EVERYTHING with this car!!


I’ve been through a performance driving school 3 times so I’m no stranger to high speed driving on a track. The Z handles like it’s on rails, stops on a dime and those Recaro racing seats keeps your rear planted in those hairpin turns. The stereo is perfect the way it is and sounds great when cruising down back country roads. I found a good leather cleaner to keep the suede on the steering wheel looking and feeling like new. The only real issue I have is finding a good place to keep my phone. There is not a lot of room in the car for much more. I did mount a fire extinguisher behind the passenger seat after watching a video of a guys GT-R burn to the ground from leaves getting sucked up into his exhaust. No me gusta. At my age, getting in a out of the car is not real easy. You kinda just have to fall in and roll out but once you’re in, you’re in. The side mirrors sit a little higher than I’d like causing a small blind spot on turns. Other than those minor cons, the car is perfect to me. I plan to stick with the Z for years to come as long as they keep pumping them out. I hear they may do a complete redesign in 2019 or 2020. We shall see.

Thanks for reading my review!!! If you like what you’ve read, please share and subscribe!! God bless!!


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