This May Sting A Little

A major trend, issue, fallacy, whatever, that is happening today, and has been happening for years, is that people dissect the bible and pick out parts that works best for them. First of all, God didn’t ask for our opinion. He made us. How in the world could we possibly know what’s best for us. Second of all, He is perfect, we are not. Now, this entire writing pertains to everyone, but only believers may agree. Non-believers may call me crazy, call me names or whatever.

My disclaimer:

I am a Christian. I believe Jesus to be the son of God. I believe in the Trinity; God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are 1. Jesus lived the life of a man on earth and never sinned. He lived a perfect life. Jesus was crucified and died on the cross to bear all mankind’s sins. Past, present and future. He rose from the dead 3 days later. Jesus was God in the flesh. God created us, the earth and everything on and in it. He created the galaxies and stars. I believe the earth is only about 6 or 7 thousand years old; based on doing the math of how long people lived in the Old Testament. I believe Jesus will return at a time that only God knows. Jesus doesn’t even know. When he returns, all Christians, in a millisecond, will ascend with Him in the clouds and be taken to Heaven.

Now that we’ve gotten what I believe established, lets get into my thoughts on making the bible work best for you. I’ve heard a LOT of craziness. One person stated that she’s a Christian and talks to dead people. Well, dead people don’t talk nor do their spirits talk to us. I’m afraid to say that if you’re hearing voices or talking to “dead people” you may actually be talking to something you don’t want to be dealing with. We are not capable of talking to the other side if our heart is Christ centered. I once used a “medium” for some personal stuff years ago. It was wrong and I felt it. It was very creepy. You can CHOOSE to dabble in that mess, but it’s not good. You’ve been warned. We also have people who state that they love God, are a Christian and love small boys in an intimate way. They claim that’s the way they were made. Wrong again. Guess what. Not Christian and that desire is not of God. It’s of the evil one whose name we all know and I don’t like to speak. We recently had a sermon at our church about the paranormal. Our pastor mentioned Yoga as demonic. Yeah, you can imagine how that went over. Some people have quit doing Yoga and others have quit going to church. Here’s an article about it. HERE. Again, making the bible and God’s word and commandments work best for your human desires. If scripture states that seeking higher levels of consciousness through ungodly ways is wrong, it might be best to adhere to it. Don’t dabble with darkenss. If you let the devil ride, eventually he’ll want to drive.

I was taught Transcendental Meditation over a year ago. I thought it was pretty harmless but also felt the stir of the Holy Spirit in me. I did what most people do and ignored it. I watered it down and justified it in my own human way. I was assigned a mantra and chose not to research the origin of TM or my mantra for fear of finding what I didn’t want to find. I continued to do this for over a year because it truly did help me with PTSD, anxiety, anger and other issues. Well, I started to research it in recent months. That led me to dig deeper into the Hindu religion and learn more about it. Nope, not for me. Neither is Buddhism. They’ve got some great quotes but I’ll leave it at that. Recently, I stopped using my assigned mantra and replaced it with “Holy”, “Yeshua” and will use other words that relate to God. I’ve found that I get the same sense of peace spending 20 minutes in God’s presence that I did repeating my mantra. I’m much more at ease and peace having made that change. Here’s an interesting article I read. HERE

So, what to do now? Well, one thing that has helped me immensely is when I question something that could be misunderstood or… questionable, seek the advice and counsel of an older, wiser Christian. Also, pray. I still have issues trying to understand what something in the bible is trying to tell me. Most the time I just ask my wife. She’s very educated in those things. If she doesn’t know I’ll ask my father or father-in-law or other Christian men and women I associate with. It’s not easy living life in a Godly way. The bible even tells us we’ll have struggles. Hey, look at the Apostle Paul. That dude struggled! Just know that struggles are good. God wants us to lean into Him during those struggles so we become stronger. I sure have struggled and have been learning that leaning into Him pays off big time.

I won’t write and speak what I hope people want to hear. I will write and speak what is on my heart and what I feel is right in the eyes of God, not man. I’m not always right, He is. Too many people get confused with being popular in man’s eye vs being popular in God’s eye. Man doesn’t and won’t judge me and man’s judgement doesn’t affect me. God’s judgement on the other hand, that’s kind of a big deal after my time on earth. I choose the pearly gates over the fire and brimstone. Just sayin’! Bottom line? If you feel a stirring in your heart that what you question is wrong in the eyes of God, it probably is. Don’t try to justify it with your human mind. The evil one has a good way of perverting and twisting truth. He is the great liar and deceiver. Don’t fall prey to his schemes.

1 Peter 5:8-11

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

Love you all and God bless!!! If you have a comment, I’ll play along. I’m sure many folks are chomping at the bit to reply. Let’s hear it!


2 Replies to “This May Sting A Little”

  1. I will admit, I haven’t read all your posts, but this is really good stuff. I love all you are doing to help so many. You are one of the good guys! This is spot on.


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