Salomon Forces Speed Assault!! Amazing Shoes!!

I’m kind of a shoe nerd. Having spent many years walking long distances I quickly learned the most important piece of gear are what goes on your feet. I’ll research the snot out of shoes before making the purchase. They have to be just right for feet. Back in 2008ish I purchased 2 pairs of shoes. Those shoes lasted me many years taking a beating in the mountains of Afghanistan. One pair were the Salomon XA Pro K, which were hiking boots, and the other pair were the SpeedCross trail running shoes. I’ve since worn out the SpeedCross, because I was running trails in the U.S. and Afghanistan, but I still have the hiking boots that I’ll wear on occasion. I’ve always thought that the perfect baby to be born into the Salomon family would be a pair of high top SpeedCross. Dreams do come true!!

Wearing my Salomon XA Pro K. Also sporting Mayflower/Velocity Systems kit.

Enter, the Salomon Forces Speed Assault! I saw these on the net earlier in 2019 and decided I absolutely HAD to have a pair. Needless to say, they have not disappointed me. These suckers are like ninja slippers yet, they still support my feet well and I could run straight up a tree if you could keep the bark on it. I get compliments on them all the time cause they are just COOL looking but it’s the performance and comfort factor that takes the cake. Fitment? Good. Style? Goooood. Performance? Goooooood. These are the perfect shoes for me. I’ve worn them hiking in the Caribbean, in the snow, in the rain and down trails here in the Ozarks. The main thing about them that I love is I hate tying shoes. I really dig the speed laces and how I can tuck them up into their secret little pocket.

So, if you’re looking for a new pair of “Go Fasters”, look no more. Check out the Salomon Forces Speed Assault. You’ll love ’em!!


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