Jesus Take the Wheel. Really?

Truth be told, I dig Carrie Underwood. Ever since she was on that singing show I thought she’d be big stuff. She seems like a pretty classy cat, too. That whole song about Jesus taking the wheel is pretty good. I like to use that saying every now and then. It’s a good faith reminder because I, personally, struggle a bit with letting Him take the wheel without me at least having a hand on it and one eye open.

People talk about faith like the whole “take the wheel” bit but aren’t all in. Not everyone, I don’t think, but many. I fall into that category, as much as I hate to admit it. I guess it’s the human in me mixed with the “A” personality type. Trust, but verify. Right?

Here’s the deal. It won’t work unless you truly believe. That’s the hard part. So, if I say, “Jesus, take the wheel” as I’m traveling towards a tree, I have to let Him take control of it. Basically, sit back and fold my arms across my chest with my eyes closed. AHHHHHHH!!!! That is so hard for me to do. To totally give up all control and input. The thing is, that’s what He wants.

See, if we’re traveling down the road, about to hit a tree, scream Jesus take the wheel, and at the last minute we even put a couple fingers on the wheel, we’ll hit the tree. Why? Cause we never fully trusted and He knew it from the beginning. I’m reminded of the scene from the 3rd Indiana Jones movie. Near the end of the Last Crusade, Indiana is challenged with a set of tasks to make it through the tunnels to the old Crusader guarding the Holy Grail. At one point he has to literally take a step of faith forward over a very deep bottomless pit. He takes a moment to center himself and takes that step without even a peek. Now that’s faith. Could I do that? Maaaaaan, I don’t know. I’m not a fan of heights. I honestly think I could even though I’d vomit in the process.

Bottom line is this. If we’re gonna have faith we have to be all in. We have to truly believe. The Bible talks about even the smallest bit of faith will do. Faith the size of a mustard seed. That’s what I’m holding onto during this time of struggle. I find when I get on social media or scroll the news is when I start to backslide. Easy fix. Don’t do that. I believe that the media, social and news, are our biggest enemy right now. It’s stealing faith. When we worry, we rob ourselves the opportunity to witness miracles. I have to take comfort in knowing that none of this is a surprise to God. No, he’s not MAKING it happen. He’s simply ALLOWING it to happen. I trust that He’ll get us through this. I trust that He’ll take care of me and my family through all of this. I hope this helps to settle some uneasy nerves in folks.


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