Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot. The Best Hiking Boots Under $100.

Let’s dive right in. Shall we? I don’t like long and drawn out articles myself. You’re welcome.

I bought these things on March 18, 2021. I needed a pair of boots, quickly, because my feet were not happy. I had been spending a few weeks up around Chimacum, Washington and my feet were miserable!! I don’t like cold and wet and this place had that in abundance. I needed warm and waterproof. Over the past 30 years I’ve owner Vasque, Merrill, La Sportiva, Saloman and other high-end boots. I’ve spent lots of money to take care of my feet. The La Sportivas were the worst and the most expensive. Go figure! I had an allotment of money and the budget was $100 for the boots I chose. After searching high and low I took a gamble on these Columbias.

I will add, I still love my Salomon Forces Speed Assault Tactical boots.

These are the absolute best bang for the buck boots a person could buy. Not only did they keep my feet warm and dry, but I’ve also continued to wear them around the globe. I won’t travel anywhere without them. Their durability is impressive. I’ve worn these things hiking in the Colorado Rockies, trout fishing in Montana and other places around the US. Furthermore, these boots have been worn at Auschwitz, Poland, at 6300ft. in the Honduran mountains, the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador and I was wearing them when we saw King Charles on our recent trip to London.

Construction Trip to Poland. 2022
Buried in Mud. Amazon Rainforest. 2021
Trip to London With Wife and Son. Buckingham Palace. 2022

The worst thing for a person is to HOPE they have the right shoes for the task they are about to embark upon. I can confidently say that these shoes have yet to let me down. I recently bought a pair of ON Cloud shoes for our Europe trip. After a day of walking around in those shoes, I ended up wearing these Columbia boots. Why? Because they are comfortable, broke in and have never let me down.

My ON Cloud Shoes in Paris. Champs Elysee. 2022

I’ll wrap up with this. If you’re looking for a good pair of boots, get these. If you’re looking for an affordable pair of boots, get these. Columbia really knocked it out of the park with these shoes and I hope they continue to offer them for years to come. You hear that, Columbia!!!! Don’t change a thing!


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