Key to Happiness?

Just a few thoughts on this Sunday evening. Relationships with people are so important to our society. Quality relationships. People tend to sprint through this life thinking there is some big finish for them. Yeah, death. What those people miss on the way is watching their kids grow, growing in their relationship with their spouse, …

Change In Life Is Your Decision. Own It.

I have a hard time staying in bed in the morning. My mind races and the thoughts begin to flood my mind. I toss and I turn. I kick the sheets off of me then pull them up to my neck. I start to get angry then I throw the sheets back with a WHOOSH, sit straight u then spin to the right. Once my feet are on the floor I begin to move like the house is on fire. Sometimes my wife says, “Come back to bed. You need to get some rest”! “Nope” I say, “Time to get to work”.

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