Key to Happiness?

Just a few thoughts on this Sunday evening. Relationships with people are so important to our society. Quality relationships. People tend to sprint through this life thinking there is some big finish for them. Yeah, death. What those people miss on the way is watching their kids grow, growing in their relationship with their spouse, time spent with grandparents and older more wiser family members and potential relationships missed. Opportunities are missed along the way as well. Connecting with people, I’ve found, is the most important thing in life. You’ve heard people say, “You can’t take it with you when you die”. Material things are not important; things such as wealth and fame. Those should only happen as a biproduct of your walk along the path.

Appreciate strangers and those you cross paths with. Smile and greet people. You’ll find that not only do you make their day brighter, you’ll fill your “joy tank” as well. Most people can’t see past the tip of their nose and the sprint through life with blinders on. Rip the blinders off, slow down and look ahead. It’s not about you. It’s about the legacy we create for future generations. What are we teaching our kids and the youth in our society? It’s OK to be kind to people and it’s not a sign of weakness. I like to think about the ancient Shaolin Monks or the Asian culture. Extremely honorable, living a life of service to others and/or a higher being. Also, being tremendously disciplined in their practices and with their tools; be it weapons or those in another trade. Being a man of steel and velvet is something I strive for. My dad gave me that book decades ago and I’ve never forgotten it, even though I haven’t practiced it until the past year.

I’m a believer, a Christian. I believe God created Adam in His own image and then created Eve. God’s perfect design is that of a team and for people to have relationship with others. People’s religions, color of skin, sex, sexual preference or any other debatable trait should not matter. We are all in this thing called life, together. We all struggle and we all have a story. No one person is better than another. Humility is massive! Strive to meet new people and learn about them. One of the greatest things I’ve done for myself was to get into Network Marketing. It forced me to meet new people, smile and listen to their stories. Because I’m a man of honor and not a shyster, I believe in getting to know people, so I can serve them best.

Those are some thoughts I had this evening. I really appreciate you reading!! If you like what you’ve read, please “Like”, share and subscribe. The only way to get this ship back on course is with positivity in our world. It may never happen but when I’m dead, people will know I tried and lived a life of serving mankind. Love to all!!!

“Dictated but not read”. -Abraham Lincoln


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