Travel Company Gives Away 5 Star Vacations!

How’d you like that pic up top?! Ha! Had to find something funny. Hey…it’s Monday!! Anyway, I received this email from a good friend of mine who has had much success over the past 12 years I’ve known him. We all have seen the expansion of travel websites all over the interwebs. For me, personally, I get a bit overwhelmed. I just want to buy a freakin’ plane ticket!! I usually defer to my wife to find what I need cause I don’t even know where to begin looking. So my buddy sent this to me on Friday and since I trust him I thought I’d take a look. Pretty clever, really.
I figured I’d share with YOU GUYS and get your take on it all. What say you? The following is the email text.
“What is the number 1 thing stopping people from traveling more and experiencing more of life?
MONEY! Its the #1 thing that holds people back from taking more vacations!  Whether it being the price of the trip, the ability to take off work, or really in most cases both!
Introducing TripValet™ the first of it kind WHOLESALE TRAVEL CLUB that actually pays HUGE commissions for sharing its benefits with  others! 
TripValet™ is a member-based travel website offering exclusive discounted prices at over 400,000 hotels and resorts worldwide. TripValet™ beats the other big booking sites 85-90% of the time. Those big booking sites offer the illusion of a good deal, but the majority of the sites you’re using to book vacations on, are owned by the same two companies! Expedia and Priceline actually own Kayak, Travelocity, Orbitz, Trivago, Booking.Com, Hotwire, Agoda, and more!
No more lining the corporate fat-cats pockets with more money… TripValet™ is giving back to YOU that means more MONEY to TRAVEL!!! 
Commissions SO BIG in fact THEY PAY 50% of ALL Subscription profits BACK TO YOU!!!  
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better….
With the TripValet Vacation Giveaway every month you can even WIN 5 STAR LUXURY VACATIONS!
TripValet™ is your #1 Travel asset in 2018! 
See you on the beaches of the world!”
So, there you go. Anyone ever use this? I appreciate you guys and your feedback. Have a great day!!



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