Fitness Equipment

As a CrossFit affiliate owner I spent quite a bit of money on equipment. I did my due diligence and researched what I found to be the best bang for the buck. I also made some purchases that I had ended up regretting. If you are only looking for equipment for your home gym, in my opinion, it’s not necessary to get high dollar items. Most of what you can found will do the job. However, if you are a commercial outfit, like a CF affiliate, it would be to your advantage to spend the money up front for quality gear.

I had companies soliciting me and giving me things to try in hopes I’d buy more. That stuff was usually junk. Let’s face it, reputable companies don’t have to do that stuff. When I first opened Rogue Fitness was about the only joint to get gear for a CF affiliate. Heck, they had packages already made up and ready to ship. On my first order I spent about 10 grand on bars, bumper plates, a small rig, a rower and all the other accouterments that go with a “box”. Over the years, though, I found a few other companies who were good to me on price and reliability of their gear. X-Training was a good place for cost effective gear. I bought at least 10 bars from them but their bumper plates were junk. They were the shiny, hard plastic ones that broke in a matter of months. I bought all my jump ropes from JumpNRope. I LOVE their ropes and still use them to this day. In the end, Rogue took it. Sure they were more pricey than most the others but the quality was second to none. No one makes a rig quite like them with the stability and finish. I was the only CF joint in town with a Rogue Rig and people loved it. When I decided to close my gym it was a little sad selling all the equipment but hey, I didn’t need it. I did, however, hang on to the golden nuggets like my Rogue Abrams GHD and my Rogue Reverse Hyper.

All this to say, if you’re gonna buy fitness equipment, I’d go with Rogue Fitness every day of the week. Lastly, their customer service was always VERY good to me. Check out their site at the link below.

Rogue Fitness Homepage

Here’s a vid I made years ago pertaining to opening an affiliate.


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