Reebok All Terrain Super 2.0 USA Trail Running Shoe

After spending a week in the Colorado mountains, I felt compelled to share my review of this shoe. I know, it’s weird that I’m reviewing a shoe, but I believe it’s worthy.

What’s qualifies me to review a shoe? Many, many miles over the past 30 years of running, hiking, biking and trail running. In the past 15 years I’ve had to get a bit more serious about what I use to wrap my feet in. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how much residual effect comes from a poor selection of shoe. I’ve worn my Solomon hiking boots, primarily, for hiking in recent years due to how comfortable they are and how well they protect my feet. I’ve owned La Sportiva boots, Vasque and Army issue boots but the Solomon’s have been my favorite. For trail running I went with the Solomon Speed Cross trail running shoes. These things were AWESOME SAUCE, but I hated how fast they wore down on the outside edge of the shoe due to the pronation of my feet. I wore the Speed Cross to run up and down the sandy trails near Ft. Bragg, N.C. and they served me well.


I don’t do as much trail running as I used to so just a good shoe that “hooks up” while walking the trails or scrambling across rocks will do for me. Enter, the Reebok All Terrain Super 2.0 trail running shoes. HO..LEE COW!! When I first received these things, I wasn’t that impressed with how little of a shoe there actually was. They run a bit small and the midfoot of the shoe is narrow. However, once you wrap these little beauties around your feet your feet will think they’ve entered the world of the Ninja! We just spent a week in Colorado for our annual family excursion, camping in Estes Park. If you’ve been there you know they have many trails to venture out to and boulders to climb around on. Once we arrived we decided to go crush a moderate trail to get our lungs warmed up and used to the elevation. We tackled Gem Lake Trail just a few miles north of town. It’s a very moderate hike but the speed of your climb will dictate the level of challenge. I wore my Reebok shoes and was very impressed. I like to scramble across rocks and take the road less traveled.


While ascending I experienced no slippage whatsoever. I was able to navigate 45 degree+ boulders, and due to the small fitment of the shoe, was able to anchor my foot into small crevices to climb straight up. Breathability was phenomenal, and the shoes dry out quickly after being submerged in trail muck. Regardless of how wet they got they were still reliable enough to continue the adventure. The only thing, for me, that I didn’t like was the lack of lateral support. These are ankle high shoes. So, if you’re expecting a hiking boot feel, keep on shopping. For flat ground running off-road these shoes are perfect. If you’re running on a hard pack surface I’d look for something with more cushion to protect those joints. They don’t provide a lot of cushion, as I noticed coming back down the trail. However, if you need to depend on a shoe to prevent slippage while descending, these shoes will not disappoint! The traction these shoes have rivaled my Speed Cross as the tread pattern between the two differ just a bit.


In summary, I highly recommend a hard look at these shoes for trail running and even mountain trail traversing. The others in our group were impressed as well. Lastly, I absolutely LOVE the design of the shoe. ‘Merica!!


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