When True Colors Shine Thru

I started this blog site March 2017 as a practice for wellness. I learned a lot at Boulder Crest Retreat about “wellness practices”. Journaling, or writing, is one of those practices. I just enjoy writing. That being said, I have never intended to use this as a tool for negativity. For me it’s to be used as a positive tool. Today, right now, I’m going to write something negative cause I just have to get it out. It’s about my ex-wife and what she has done.

July 2017 my 16 year old son decided he wanted to move in with me to attend school in my town. My wife and I were extremely excited, along with other family members, that he’d be living with us. One of the reasons is that the school district we are in is superior to the school district his mother lives in. Another is because he has never lived with me full-time which would allow me to impress upon him Hood values. All went well until the end of the school year rolled around and he decided to move back to his mom’s. It was a crushing blow but we supported his decision to be happy. My ex and I had agreed to her calling Family Support Division to stop my mandatory child support while he lived with us. I only makes sense. In the past 13 years since our divorce, she’s never paid me a single penny for anything. Of course it’s kinda bothered me, but wear the white hat, right? Even when my older two moved in with me to attend school in our town, she never paid me a penny and I didn’t go after her for it due to their financial situation. My older son lived with me for 4 years and my daughter for 2 years. My middle son for 1 year. Not a penny for any of that.

Fast forward to the wedding. My ex-wife and her husband offered pretty much nothing to help with the wedding financially. My wife and I  had footed 95% of the bill. It is what it is and my daughter and son-in-law had a beautiful ceremony. No big deal and I’m happy. What I didn’t expect was my ex-wife to call Family Support Division the day before the wedding to have them restart child support. Yep! We get a letter in the mail 3 days after the wedding stating child support has been reinstated. Today, we get a letter in the mail saying we owe $4900.00 in back child support. Since it’s over $1000.00, it’s going to be reported to all credit agencies and other threatening legal verbiage. Talk about a snake in the grass. Right when you think the meadow is safe to walk in, POW!!!! You get bit by a nasty Copper Rattler. I’m just glad that my older two kids see this and know not to be like her. They look at her, not up to her. FYI, this is not how you thank someone.

Like every other struggle I’ve encountered, I’ll overcome this one. It’s kind of good that this happened because it reminds me of why I divorced her in the first place. Moral of the story? Don’t get married young and marry up, not down. Thanks for reading my rant. I feel a bit better now.

That is all.


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