Out of Routine

I haven’t written in over a week. Kinda weird. We took a little family vacation that I intend to review. San Antonio was pretty killer!

I always used my own body and my own personal laboratory. Trying different exercise routines, diets, wellness practices, training regimes, etc. I’ve done this for personal experience. Instead of regurgitating what I’ve heard, I can share personal experience about what has worked and what has not. A lot of people only repeat what they’ve heard and have never truly experienced what it is they are talking about. This past week I’ve been WAY out of routine. Yes, vacation with the wife and kid has been awesome! Time is one thing you can never get back. The bonus was that my mom went with us. That was very memorable. I haven’t worked out in over a week, I haven’t meditated in about a week, my diet has pretty much sucked being on the vacation diet. Sleep has been abnormal and I’m a little deprived.

I can say with certainty that this is the worst my mind has been in many months. I’m still taking my Kyani which helps to keep the chronic pain from years of wear and tear at bay. What I’ve noticed the most is that the depression tends to sink in along with the foggy headedness and short term memory loss. I am literally scatter brained. That old familiar sense of hopelessness starts to creep in. What I’ve gained most over the past 18 months is the knowledge from books I’ve read and people I’ve listened to. I now know that I can overcome this. I know what to keep my sights fixated on. I know I’ll pull out of this slump. I’ll simply start meditating again and working out again. Doing TM (Transcendental Meditation) is the most amazing thing anyone can do for their mind. I’ll also get back to my morning routine of walking and praying. It truly is amazing knowing your own body on a spiritual and physical level. I’ve read all the reports from the VA and other sources about Mefloquine and the permanent damage it does to our brains. Taking that crap for over a year made me dig deep into it. The explosions and “TBI” (traumatic brain injury) could be part of it as well. Anthrax injections and all the other crap that’s put in our bodies could be a factor. Sleeping and living near a mass burn pit could be a culprit too. Who’s knows.  I can blame that or many other things I’ve experienced but it doesn’t help me going forward. Looking for excuses gains no ground. Keeping our minds right and creating and practicing healthy routines is what gains ground and wins wars.

I just felt led to write something this evening. My wife is at an Ed Sheeron concert with a friend and I’m home with the boys watching Behind Enemy Lines. Great movie!! I love people and truly wish to impact lives. I wish to bring joy to the world. Struggling is good and I’m thankful for my struggles. Struggle begets strength. Struggle well, friends.


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