Hormone Replacement Therapy. For men.

Sophomore year in high school after I began to work out. Ha!! Grrrrrr

Alright, here’s my experience. Before I talk about this I’ll give you my back story. I’m 43, 5’10” and usually weigh about 165lbs. I’m not a large man. I did CrossFit for 10 years and owned an affiliate for 6. I started working out in high school when I went to the library and checked out a book on Olympic Weightlifting. I didn’t want to look like my sister and I, tried, to play football. Being in the Army all those years required me to be in pretty good shape. Fast forward to 2010, I was in Afghanistan working for Uncle Sugar when some buddies thought it’d be cool to run a cycle of testosterone procured from the local pharmacy. We ordered the needles and started shooting the good stuff. I did that for 8 weeks and went from 165 to 193. I looked awesome, felt awesome and just really enjoyed the whole experience.

A few weeks later after I began to cut up.

So a few years went by and I was deep in CrossFit. No more “muscle juice” after the two cycles I did. I began to shrink back down but maintained my overall fitness level. Fast forward to August 2018. Being 42 nature just started to have it’s way with me. I had known about all this HRT stuff for years along with HGH and the other stuff out there. I just really didn’t want to mess with it. I think the thing that sold me was I could pay for the stuff now and it lasted 6 months, or so, before I had to hit it again. Versus having weekly doses. I figured, what the heck, let’s see what happens. Well something happened. Here’s a short log:

Background: Found out about this stuff through a female friend. At the consult I had my blood tested. The results showed some irregularities with my thyroid and high cholesterol. I didn’t know I was going to do a blood test so I didn’t fast. Main reason for wanting to try this is because I’m convinced my testosterone is low. Results came back and my T was 540. Much higher than I thought it would be and well within the range. Went ahead with the procedure for my own knowledge. I’ve had a history of osteoarthritis with chronic pain in joints; primarily knees. I started taking Kyani for the chronic pain 18 months ago. I have no more chronic pain but knees will hurt after a long day of use. Currently waiting to see if left shoulder is going to need to be scoped from excessive use after 10 years of CrossFit. I sleep really well, thanks to the Kyani. I used to only get a couple hours of sleep/night. I sleep like a rock, now.

BW 170

05Sep – Pellets inserted. Gave me a small shot of Lidocaine then small incision to insert pellets. Didn’t feel great, just uncomfortable. Left large lump.

07Sep – Lump still there, very sore. Hard to drive or sit on that side. Diarhea pretty bad.

09Sep – Still have diarrhea. I’m thinking it’s a side effect from the pellets. Probably placebo but sleeping pretty good.

12Sep – One week into it today. Diarrhea went away yesterday. Feeling pretty good. Nothing noticeable so far. Supposed to wait a week before working out again. Will start working out later today. Lump still in butt/hip and it’s still pretty sore.

13Sep – I don’t know what happened overnight but I woke up and lump is half the size. Pain is gone as well. Maybe they activated/got absorbed or whatever. It’s go time.

14Sep – Worked out today. Didn’t fatigue and felt like I could do that same workout all over again after 2 hours. Feeling really good! I feel like I’m sleeping even deeper now.

17Sep – Just got done working out. The stuff has definitely kicked in. I just did my powerlifting workout for 2 hours and actually thought about doing a CrossFit workout. I’m just not tired and I pushed more weight than I have in over a year. The last time I used testosterone I felt the same way and indulged myself. Pushing too hard is when people get hurt by tearing up joints. I’m not doing that again. I’m feeling really good. Libido is steadily improving. I sleep like the dead.

I quit keeping a log after that cause I didn’t feel much had changed. Well, a lot changed but it was gradual.

  • First things first, sex drive. Every…single…day… I was looking at my wife like she was my prey. Yeah, it hit me hard. Between now and then we’ve been pleasantly active. So, that department worked very well.
  • My workouts have been pretty killer to the point that I just get bored. I could literally work out 3 times a day, no problem. If I made the time, I’d do it.
  • Atrophy? Yeah, well, like any other product out there that boosts male testosterone, you’re gonna have some atrophy in the scrotal department. It’s fine with me because I prefer to cross my legs when I sit anyway. Less gear to carry around.
  • I can literally fall asleep standing up if I wanted. I can sleep any where at any time. My sleep stayed consistent. I believe my Kyani Sunset pills are the biggest player in that area. If I stop taking them I sleep like crap again. So, sleep was good.
  • Overall feeling has been great. Not a lot of aches and pains like I used to have due to wear and tear on my body.
  • Energy and motivation has been great as well. Like the Energizer bunny I just keep going and going.
  • I gained quite a bit of weight over the holidays cause, it’s the holidays. If I saw it I ate it. I could seriously eat all day long. It’s like I was always hungry. I put on about 20lbs. Most of it is muscle but I know the fat is there as well.

Conclusion? Well, the pellets are starting to wear off and I can feel it. I just feel more groggy and tired again. The sex department is slowing down and I’m just not feeling it much anymore. It’s almost like a light switch has been turned off. All-in-all, I plan to hit it again. I’ve taken DIM for an estrogen blocker. In the past I took Exemestane when I did Test Enanthate. My recommendation is to do a good amount of research before you make any decisions. The pellets I took are called BioTe. I think they’re out of Texas. They are “bio-identical” testosterone pellets. I’m pretty happy with the results and if I only have to go in twice a year to get it done, I’ll do it.

If you have any questions, thoughts or feedback, I’d love to hear it. Please Like, Share and Subscribe!!! I hope this was informational for those seeking an alternative “natural” solution. Thanks!!

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