That Old Warm Quilt of Sorrow

I received a text message from an old friend this morning stating that they needed to talk to someone. I know this old friend has dealt with health challenges for some time now. I immediately felt empathy for this person because I had been there before myself.

Yesterday morning I stopped by my mom and dad’s house. Some mornings I have things to do it town but most those errands can’t be run until places open. I take my son to school and drop him off at around 8am. So, it’s not unusual for me to stop by my folks’ house a few days a week to have coffee and visit. I really enjoy doing that. Yesterday morning my mom and I were talking about people and their health. I made the comment that there’s a correlation with people’s health and their mental well-being. I said, “It’s interesting. If you look at all the people your age, even my age, and see how they look, feel and act, then think about their personality you’ll see a connection”. People who are poor in mind are also poor in health, and many times, poor in the bank as well. We mentioned a few people her age and how much older they look and discussed the health problems they have had and are having. Then, I asked her, “Do they seem like happy people? Do they get worked up about politics, religion or other social issues”? We both kind of had a light bulb “Ah, ha” moment. The people who seem to have poor health also have poor minds. They are usually upset about something, negative, get wound up about the president or other political/government goings on, etc. They absorb and hold onto stress and negativism. That’s not good.

For many people it’s just easier to stay that way. It’s who they are and what they know, and everyone around them knows they are that way. One of my uncle’s, for example, has lived a very challenging life. When he was in high school he was always ornery. He has been married at least 4 times that I know of, has lived a life not many would look up to. Until recent years. He was injured in a motorcycle accident causing him to lose his leg. A few years before the accident you could sense a change in his personality. A good change. He just seemed happier and free. He still had some struggles that ended his last marriage but seemed to just keep chugging along. After losing his leg and forcing him into early retirement his life changed radically. He began to go on mission trips and live a much more active lifestyle. He’s a pure joy to be around and is rarely negative. Before this change in his life a few years ago he just looked very weathered and worn down. Just being around him almost sucked the energy from you. Now? I love being around him!! He fills me with happiness and he looks great! He began to make subtle changes in his life, for the better, then got SMACKED with the accident. Most people would let that bring them down. Not him, he’s resilient. That accident caused him to absolutely thrive. Not only that, but it caused the people around him and close to him to thrive as well.

People get comfortable with being miserable. They figure, “That’s life” or “It is what it is”. Really? Is it? Depression and unhappiness is like a fog. No. It’s like smoke from a fire. A fog will settle on you and surround you. The only thing you can do is leave the area. Smoke, on the other hand, can be wafted away. Sure, you can leave the area as well but if you don’t want to leave, just start moving the air in the area around you. Take action and allow fresh air to move in. So many people don’t understand that when you feel burdened by the weight of sorrow or fog/smoke, take action. Do SOMETHING!!! The best thing you can do is the right thing. The second best thing you can do is the wrong thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. It may take a radical change in life. Meaning, you may have to move away, find or create another job, leave lifelong friends for new ones, even change your name if you had to. Radical action gives way to radical change. If you’re not willing to do that then no one, no amount of money, no amount of medications, no amount of complaining will help you. It all rests on YOU to create change. Throw that old comfortable quilt of sorrow off of you!! Get up and start down a new path. People do it all the time. Write a new chapter in your book of life and go in a new direction. Align yourself with people you aspire to be like. Stop absorbing the stress of the world and the people around you. Stress will wear on you, wear you down and destroy you. If you let it. Stand up and be strong. YOU can do this!!

As always, thanks for reading! I really hope this helps at least one person and encourages them to start down the path to a new them. Life is so awesome and we are capable of anything. You just have to take action and believe it. Please Like, Share and Subscribe!! Thanks! God bless.


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