Low Back Pain? Why?

Originally written October 23, 2015 by me and posted to another blogsite of mine that I no longer contribute to.

Here’s why…you’re posterior side has a weakness. It’s very common for people to have weak glutes, hammies, erectors, rhomboids, etc. Most modern society folks don’t squat correctly even though we were born to squat the right way. We lose it due to laziness over time. If you don’t use it, ya lose it. So! Now we have weak back sides.

Barbell Hip Bridges

Here’s a little back story. I’m not old and I’m no spring chicken either. I’m 40. I’ve worked out all my adult life. I’m a CrossFit affiliate owner and I LOVE power lifting. I’ve considered myself to be in pretty good shape. So, of all things, I throw my back/hips/SI joint out a couple weeks ago. I was playing Tug of War with a bunch of girls down in Guatemala on a mission trip. Yep! My feet were uneven and figured since I have about a 450lb deadlift I’d just grip and rip. I did that then felt a burning pain in the left side of my lower back. I couldn’t move. I drop the rope, we lost, and I laid there for a moment. Not wanting to look defeated, I got up, walked back to my room, took 2000mg of Motrin and laid down. The Motrin didn’t even phase me. Something was wrong, REALLY wrong. Luckily, one of the guys with us is a Chiropractor. He adjusted me over the next few days but my back still hurt. When I returned home I went to my chiro. I try to go about every 3 months which I highly recommend. He adjusted me some more but I still had this lingering pain. It hurt to walk, sit, drive, poop, bend over, etc. What I had done was twisted my SI joint. Bad news.

What I decided to do this week was take a lesson I had learned from Shane Sweatt and Louis Simmons, the Godfather of strength. I preach and teach strength training. We have a Conjugate/Westside Barbell class we run 4 days a week. Knowing what I “preach”, I’ve applied that practice. Work strength. This may not work for everyone but today I woke up with ZERO pain after 4 days of lifting. I KNOW that blood delivers nutrients, lubrication, O2, red blood cells and other goodies we need for healing. So I’ve targeted my glutes, hamstrings, lumbar and thoracic spine areas. This week I’ve bench pressed (which helped IMMENSELY), box squatted, and deadlifted for main exercises. The accessory moves are what have really helped. I’ve hit my Reverse Hyper, glute/hip bridge, glute contractions lying over my GHD, back extensions (with snatch grip barbell and bodyweight), rack pulls and Good Mornings with a Safety Squat Bar. Targeting and pounding the area I hurt has helped me recover. I’ve also hit mobility pretty hard as well. Looking through my Supple Leopard book by Kelly Starrett has helped greatly. Releasing the tightness post workout has allowed my muscles to recover. Also, using K-Star’s “Pelvis Reset” technique yesterday pretty much sealed the deal. I’ve also raked rock and shoveled rock at home for my “honey-do” project.

So, in short, wherever you’re hurting, work it. Shane Sweatt made mention to me at a class, once, that he had some bad elbow tendinitis. Louis told him to do triceps extensions in the hundreds of reps area. Result? Pain gone. I hope this helps some of you who are hurting. Work the posterior side. Look up accessory moves to strengthen glutes, hamstrings, erectors, lats, rhomboids, etc. Not only will it help you feel better, it’ll take your squats and deadlifts to the next level. Happy lifting.


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