First Book Release!!

After a couple years of scribbling notes and walking the path I’m on I’ve finally packaged what I’ve learned. It’s been quite an experience and I gotta say that I’m pretty excited!

I first really started writing in February of 2017. I think I started this blog page in March of 2017 after realizing how therapeutic writing can be. I’ve never really care if anyone reads what I write, it just feels good to be able to express feelings and thoughts without a rebuttal or “fix” to an issue. I’ve read quite a few books and I’m always eager to share what I’ve learned or some epiphany I’ve had. Many people I’ve been able to speak to and coach have made mention of how what I’ve told them made them rethink things. That’s good and that’s the point. Like stated before, I believe we all hold the answers to many of our questions, we just need someone to help us find those answers.

The writing process was a bit of a grind. After a while I started to kind of get sick of it but new I had to finish what I had started. After FINALLY getting everything I was to say in a Word doc I had my wife read through it to proof it. She knows me best and knows my intent and we both agreed to have someone outside the home, a neutral party, edit my book. Editing took a few weeks of back and forth emailing but I enjoy the experience. The gal who edited it lives in another state and was very good to work with. I’ll use her again on anything else I decide to write. After the editing came the book cover artwork. I had an idea of what I wanted and we were able to nail that down. Lastly, I asked folks on Facebook, “Who likes to read books?” and had many roger up. I chose 6 based on different qualifications.

  • How well they know me
  • Do we believe in the same religious, political, moral and ethical traits
  • Age
  • Sex

I wanted as much of an unbiased opinion as possible. I knew if I had my friends and family read it they’d all give me the ole, “Great job” and “That’s awesome”!! Not really what I was looking for. I needed the honest truth. Now that that’s done I believe we’re ready to go. It’s time to publish this sucker. I went with Amazon KDP. It’s been a bit of a learning curve but overall it’s pretty user friendly. I used it to create my cover and formatting.

So, tomorrow is the big day!! The book releases on Amazon Kindle then on Friday it’ll release for paperback. These are the dates and settings I’ve used. It’ll be interesting to see how the statistical data works. I’ve also used Facebook ads to promote the book by targeting certain demographics and city centers around the U.S.. I highly encourage any other blogger or writer out there to GO FOR IT and publish a book. I believe it’s part of legacy building. Even if not many people buy it, your words are printed forever. After a week or so I’ll begin personally narrating the book for upload to Audible and Amazon ACX. This is gonna be good!!!

Do me a favor and order the book. Whether it’s in paperback or Kindle format. I’m a big believer in supporting others in their efforts to impact the world. God bless!!

Forged In The Flames Of Agony And Laughter: Experiences and lessons learned from a regular dude combat veteran who’s lived an extraordinary life. So far.

“In “Forged”, Bryan Hood shares his remarkable journey – as a warrior, father, son, and man of faith – with depth, purpose and authenticity. A great read for anyone who is lost, struggling, or in need of inspiration and truth.” -Josh Goldberg, author of “Struggle Well”.


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