Filmora Video Editing Software

To say that I’m an amateur video editor would be an understatement. Do I enjoy it? Absolutely!! Am I experienced? Meh, so so. Could I teach it? NOPE! For years I’ve used the default Windows program “Windows Movie Maker”. Many of the videos on my YouTube channel were made using that. This past year I actually started seeking out other programs that would enhance the enjoyment for my viewers without wanting to spend much, if any, money. Windows 10 has a program simply called “Video Editor”. I’ve had quite a bit of fun with that because the program has added features that Movie Maker does not. Still, I know there are other, better, programs out there. At this point, I figured I had to pony up some cash.

After searching the web and downloading a few “free trials”, I came across one that I found easy to learn and fun to work with. Enter, Wondershare Filmora9. The more I read about and dug into this program the more I realized it was similar to the doors in Alice’s wonderland. The deeper I dug, the more I learned. They have great video tutorials as well. Probably the thing I like most about it are the downloads for the software. Through their site a person can download sounds, videos, photos, enhancements and much more. I actually ended up paying for the program and subscribing for a month to download more addons. I’m still learning more and more about the software and having a blast playing with it too.

Check out some of the footage from our vacation to Greece. You will notice the transitions are flawless. Being able to overlay music and sounds as well as mix photos and videos together is pretty darn cool for someone like me who hasn’t ever played with this stuff. Being able to make movie-like footage has really upped the game for me in YouTube world. So far, I have zero dislikes about the software and am all thumbs up!!

Lastly, I ended up buying a decent camera for recording vids. I purchased a Sony HD Handycam for $170 off Amazon. That’s the camera I used for our entire trip to Greece. I was blown away at how good the quality was. I just got sick of using my phone to make videos. I was actually surprised to see that camcorders were still in production! All-in-all, I’ve been very pleased with the Filmora software coupled with the Sony camcorder. So, for those who are on a budget and wanting to make nice movies these two are what I recommend.

I really dig this camera and have used it SO much since the purchase.

Hope this was helpful!!! I know I researched high and low for the right software and equipment and there are others out there doing the same thing. All the best in your film making and thanks for reading!! Don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe!


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