How to Be a Good Steward By Becoming an Ecopreneur

Written by guest contributor Joyce Wilson.

We are stewards of this miraculous planet. It has been entrusted to us and as such, we should strive to take care of it when we are planning to start a new business. This is what being an ecopreneur is all about. It’s not just some catchy name. It’s a symbol of our duty to the planet.

If you are thinking of opening a new business, these practical resources can help you do so in a way that respects the environment and leaves this kingdom in better shape for our children:

Establishing a Business With Less Impact

Being conscientious from the start is the best way to go. That way stewardship and responsibility is ingrained in all of your new business practices.

  • When possible, utilize online resources to write up and organize your business plans.
  • Fill out forms online to set up an LLC and protect your business without paperwork.
  • Invest in energy upgrades if you are planning on running a business out of your home.
  • Shop around in order to find greener tech, including laptops, to help run your business.

Creating a Brand That Promotes Stewardship

Your brand is what connects you to potential customers. In turn, those customers can be influenced by your values and practices. So, promote good stewardship with your brand.

  • Personal branding is the most effective way for entrepreneurs to grow connections.
  • For example, these small businesses have perfected the art of effective branding.
  • Be sure to promote your eco-friendly practices on your website, which is essential.
  • Also talk about how you’re being a good steward when posting social media updates.

Practicing Good Stewardship in the Everyday

You can’t just brand yourself as an ecopreneur. You also have to walk the talk by making a commitment to environmental responsibility in your regular work routines.

  • Entrepreneurs run on coffee. Make sure your morning cup is 100% sustainable.
  • Invest in green solutions that will reduce the amount of paper used in your office.
  • Try to responsibly recycle everything you use in your office, including plastics.
  • Turn off electronics before bed to save energy. This can also improve sleep quality.

Making Contributions to Protect The Environment

Aside from engaging in the good stewardship practices above, you can also put the profits of your small business towards supporting organizations that help protect our planet.

  • Giving back to the community is a wonderful way to promote your business.
  • In fact, statistics show that most consumers prefer to support businesses that give back.
  • Most businesses donate around 6% of their profits. Tax credits are another benefit.
  • You should always take the time to research organizations before making a donation.
  • Proper research will also help you to find charities that align with your values.

If you’re going to be a business owner, you should really think about being an ecopreneur. In doing so, you will be helping to take care of this beautiful world we have been given. You’ll also be leaving a better kingdom behind for future generations to enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Unsplash


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