World Travel Perspective on End Days Prophecy

Article photo is picture I took of Tel Megiddo in Israel in 2011.

Life’s journey has been an interesting one. I’ve been fortunate to have traveled the world, met many people, seen many places and immerse myself into many cultures. The one constant during all my experiences and travels is my faith. My faith in God.

I was raised in a Christian home, being “Saved” and baptized at the young age of 7 years old. God said for us to come to Him like a child. I did. Fully believing and fully aware of who He is. As I grew into my teens I began to step away from Him. We’re not robots and we have free will. The only requirement to be a Christian is to believe, through faith, and maintain a relationship with God. Christianity is not a cult. A cult requires certain acts to be committed (i.e. asking another human to forgive for sins, wear certain clothing, eat certain foods, go certain places, etc). Being a Christian is simple to do yet extremely rewarding. I strayed away from God and my faith in my teen years and walked in darkness until my late 20’s. I eventually returned to God and chose to follow Him. I chose to follow Jesus. I’m not perfect and I sin all the time. That does not prevent me from believing and striving to deepen my relationship with Him.

During my travels I’ve talked to angels (confirmed by others). I’ve seen God perform miracles of healing thru my own prayers for others. I’ve seen a young girl delivered from a demon in Guatemala (vomiting it up). I’ve been taunted by and led to commit evil acts from demonic persuasion. Being able to put the Bible’s stories together though my own travels has made what I believe that much more concrete. I spent over a year in Iraq, and during that time I traveled to the remains of the Tower of Babel (the place where God destroyed Nimrod’s plan to build a tower to Heaven), have walked around the ruins in Ur (the place of Abraham’s birth), and have driven alongside the Euphrates River (one of the original waters that flowed from Eden). When I lived in Israel for 2 months in 2011 I took full advantage of being there and traveled to many places in the Bible. I would read something in the Old or New Testament then ride my bike there, walk there or drive there. The City of David, The Mount of Olives, The Valley of Kidron, The Garden Tomb, The Old City, Bethlehem, The Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, Megiddo, The Dead Sea and so many more places. In Greece I spent time with my wife traveling to and thru Corinth, Athens and other places Paul traveled to. In Rome visiting more places from Paul’s travels and the Scala Santa or Holy Steps that Martin Luther traveled to Rome to see, among other business there. Rome is the birth place of Catholicism. The Romans twisted Christianity from being faith based to acts based – much like the “Old Law” that Jesus delivered us from. In Japan I was able to enter into a Buddhist temple and watch a ceremony performed there. My military career took me to many Muslim countries, where I befriended and had wonderful conversations with many of them about God, Ishmael, Heaven, Hell, etc. I’ve watched and listened to their prayers and ceremonies.

I say all of this because it absolutely baffles me how anyone cannot believe in and choose to follow God. Evil has been at work since Satan’s fall from Heaven. Satan is the ruler of the world. This is his dominion to do what God allows him to do. I don’t understand why a person would not want to and choose to follow God. To ask Jesus to enter their heart. To be saved. Maybe it’s a lack of knowledge. Knowing what I know and experiencing what I have I would be scared to death to not have God, Jesus, in my corner guiding and protecting me. I’ve seen and experienced the power of dark and light. I have to chosen light. Jesus is the light.

Planet Earth allows us to do what we want to do. Again, free will that God has created within us. That’s a slippery slope because we can choose to fill our own desires. We can choose to do what makes us feel good. Humans, generally speaking, seek out things of this world and not of the Heavenly realm. There are two worlds, two realms that are in constant movement. The “Seen” and the “Unseen” realm. The Unseen is the supernatural. That’s where “coincidences” happen to and for us. There are no coincidences. Nothing is a mystery to God. He knows all. The Unseen can also be called Karma, Luck, Fate. There is a constant battle between the two worlds that we don’t see unless a person is tuned into it. I am. After the Rapture and during the Tribulation the Unseen world will become Seen. It will be more horrific than can be imagined. All Christians will be swept up into the clouds and into Heaven at the moment of the Rapture. All unbelievers will be left here, on earth, to endure the seven years of tribulation. Economic collapse, one world government, massive climate change, demons and creatures roaming the earth, famine, disease, murder, brother turning on brother, etc., etc. The world will burn. At the end of the seven years, Jesus will return to end it.

I believe all this whole heartedly because of my experiences with the supernatural realm during my travels and choices in life. “People” believe the most insane things but many will not choose to believe what has been written and prophesized about thousands of years ago. MANY of the prophesies from the Old Testament have been fulfilled. The remaining prophesies pertaining to the end times will be fulfilled as well. It’s all written in the Bible. I’m ready. Are you?


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