Why The Uproar Over Phil Mickelson’s Comments?

What we are seeing is one of the main problems in the world today. That is people living a life on the defensive. Many people just sit idle, waiting, for someone to do or say something that rubs them the wrong way.

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”Stephen R. Covey

Once that first shot is fired, they throw up the flag, yell penalty and begin the counter accusations. Instead, what those same people could do is, simply say, “Thank you for sharing”. Listen without judgement. Maybe there is something else going on in the mind of the person making the comment.

It’s no secret that the PGA has the world monopoly on golf. I mean, the who’s who of the sport is in the club simply because it’s the biggest club in town. Competition is good. I, personally, see no issue with the Saudi’s starting another league. Or anyone else for that matter. I saw this same thing happen in the CrossFit community with the inception of Grid League, Warrior Affiliate League, etc. As the founder of CrossFit (Greg Glassman)  would say in reference to CrossFit affiliates opening up next to another one, “The cream rises to the top”. Bottom line, it could be good for the sport.

The sport of golf has grown exponentially since 2019. Thank you COVID!! According to an article in Golf Digest dated April 7, 2021, the National Golf Foundation had this to say:

“The NGF count showed 24.8 million golfers in the U.S. in 2020, an increase of 500,000 and 2 percent over 2019. It is the largest net increase in 17 years. New players (both beginners playing their first round and lapsed golfers coming back to the game for the first time in years) numbered 6.2 million, the highest that number has ever been. Last year also saw the largest percentage increase in beginning golfers and the biggest gain in youth golfers coming to the game since Tiger’s 1997 Masters win.

Women golfers also were part of the 2020 surge, jumping 450,000 or 8 percent year over year and making up nearly a quarter of all golfers with a count of some six million. That is the highest number over the last five years.”

New golfers

All that being said, it’s basic supply and demand. The demand for more competition is definitely present because there are more people worthy of the title. Which is why we need more leagues for up and comers to compete in. I played golf very little as a kid. My folks bought me a set of basic clubs when I was about 10. My mom would take me or a buddy and I would go and whack balls. Fast forward to 2017, a buddy and I played a round in Florida. He begged me to play. I didn’t really want to cause I wasn’t good and I knew it’d be frustrating. Well, I played, got the itch and have been playing since then. Last year I played over 500 holes alone.

Back to the beginning of this article and ole Phil Mickelson. Everyone is entitled to their thoughts and opinions. Should some be kept to ourselves? Yep!! Regardless, he voiced his opinion. One hundred percent of whatever he said weighs on him. Should that mean that he should endure the public lashing he’s receiving? No. Too many sponges and not enough ducks. Let that stuff just roll off and don’t absorb the actions, or opinions, of others. Was it offensive? Not to me. Did he speak the truth? Well, kind of. Was he wrong? Not really. Should he have said what he did? Probably not. Simply because he’s a star athlete known throughout the world; he’s now facing this debacle. If it was anyone else, no one would care. Heck I’ve said worse about many different kinds of people. If I ever run for president or some high-profile position, I’m sure you’ll hear about it.

Bottom line, let it go and back off ole Phil. He is a true master of the sport and has been good for it for a number of years. Some of those who’ve cheered him on and called him “friend” have turned their backs on him. Cowards. I’ve never met him and probably never will. If I ever do, he’s more than welcome to share all his thoughts and opinions with me on the course while sippin’ some suds.

Since KPMG ceased their sponsorship of him, maybe Black Rifle Coffee Company should pick him up!?


One Reply to “Why The Uproar Over Phil Mickelson’s Comments?”

  1. I too read the article. And so agree with your Hoodlm’s Thoughts. Geez it’s got to where you can’t speak an opinion or god forbid disagree. Well put Bryan.


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