What If Putin Is Not Wrong?

A day after the invasion of Ukraine I remembered something I have been practicing for the past few years. Pause, breath, take time to practice empathy and strive to understand. I’ve been trying to understand the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Been trying to understand the WHY. So, I’ve taken a subjective look at the entire situation. I’ve stepped back and began to research some things to gain a better understanding. I’m not able to sit down and have a conversation with President Putin so I’ve had to dig to research, then dig some more. The guy is not an idiot. He’s highly intelligent and has lived a life of learning and experience. Unlike many politicians we have in our own government. They lack experience at the many different levels of diplomacy, war, nation sustainment/building, legislation, etc., etc., etc.

About me? I’m Switzerland in this whole deal. Many people have reached out to me asking about my thoughts on the situation. I served 26 years in the Army, have been deployed to many nations for many years for peacetime and combat operations. I’ve traveled to 27 countries and have lived in 7. I was born in Iowa, love my country and am a red-blooded American patriot. I’ve also learned that there are shenanigans at he highest and darkest levels of governments. For seven years I worked for our nation’s intelligence agencies and learned much about Pandora’s Box and have spent time down in Alice’s rabbit hole. I’ve seen and experienced what goes on behind the scenes. I KNOW that things aren’t always as they seem. To the layperson everyday American citizen, you may think you know and may think you’re educated in world affairs, but I assure you, you are not. You are fed what the powers that be want you to eat. It’s not all bad and it’s not all good. There are things that happen for reasons most Americans cannot fathom. Those involved will claim it’s for the betterment of our nation and/or mankind. That, of course, is an opinion. Then there’s the whole religious side of things. What the bible speaks of through prophesies. Right now, I’d encourage you to brush up on the book of Revelation and even start with Matthew 24 and 25, then flip over to the Old Testament and read what Ezekiel 38 and 39. You may read it and think, “Hmm, that’s familiar”.

Then we can take the walk down the whole conspiracy path. You can read about The Illuminati, The Committee of the 300, Freemasonry, and the list goes on. You can read about the Rothschild family, the Rockefeller family and many other powerful and prominent families in the world. It’s kind of interesting that since President Reagan the former presidents are all pals. Except President Trump. He’s the outcast. Why? The Bush family, the Clintons and the Obamas are pals. Research the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and each of them individually. Then read about Agenda 2030. You may begin to see a connection between the Gates family, the WHO, the UN, the world bank, the CDC and others. Alex Jones is a well-known conspiracy theorist. I don’t watch or listen to any of his stuff, I just know who he is and have watched a couple snippets. I don’t track all the conspiracy stuff because it can easily pull you down into a pit of hopelessness and fear. I avoid the news, mainstream, and keep my ear to the grindstone. That’s why I feel led to pound these keys and relay this to you. My hope is that you do your due diligence and develop your own thoughts and opinions. Educate yourself and you may begin to realize that what you are being fed doesn’t really jive with what’s really going on.

How many of you have researched Vladimir Putin? How well do you feel like you know him? Do you only know him from what you’ve read in the media? I’m not asking you to believe me. I’m only suggesting that you do your own homework before you join the picket lines in protest. What if what Russia is doing is actually a step to preserve mankind and the world as we know it? What if Ukraine had invaded a neighboring country instead? Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Turkey? Would we be angry at Ukraine? Is it because of Putin/Russia why people are angry? Is it because of WWI and PRE-WWII history why Russia is the bad guy in this situation? I’m just curious if the narrative was flipped. What if the US invaded Mexico because of the cartels and invasion of terrorism and criminals from our southern border? Would that make us the bad guy or would we be happy to stop to it? What if the world media outlets are feeding people some other propaganda that we don’t know about? Striving to understand other perspectives. Pause, step back and gain a broad understanding of situations. We don’t know everything our government does or is involved in. As we’ve seen ooze out over the past decade. What if something is going on that we don’t know about and Russia is protecting themselves from some other shenanigans that our own government is involved in; along with other countries we are in cahoots with? I mean, we did have plans to attack Cuba many decades ago. How is this different? What if Russia is doing the world a favor?

A very good friend of mine living in Russia sent the following to me a couple day ago.

“I’ll tell you that when Putin speaks to the people, here in Russia, it’s most of the time about the family unit, the importance of having and raising children if possible and being a hard worker for your family and the country. I kid you not! When he speaks of the west it is in a negative light but in the sense that the west has lost its identity, lost its value of the family unit, and has become suspectable to whatever trend is popular no matter what it’s level of vulgarity. He says that this cannot be the way of Russia, that Russia must not lose its faith in God and itself. “Paraphrasing a couple of the speeches together that he has given in my time here”. In reference to Ukraine, he stated this…. would it be ok for Russia to come, build bases, set up missiles, labs, on the border of the US? Of course not….so why would Russia be ok with this happening on Russia’s border? He says Russia isn’t advancing on the west…. they are advancing on us and they have advanced to far. You should have seen and will see again Putin did not ask for Ukraine, instead asked that they remain neutral and don’t become another NATO base. NATO would not agree to this, thus he acted. When Russia meets again here very soon with the Ukraine, the deal will be the same, remain neutral. No, I’m not for this war and I hate that the innocent must always suffer. However, I am for real and not fake news, and integrity over false motivations. Who knows, maybe I’m about to be blocked so if so… be a thinker. not a mindless organism at the whim of the cesspool called media. All the best…. from Russia with love.”

We’ve been talking about this stuff quite a bit lately. That is what has piqued my interest and to look deeper. By the way, my buddy was a 10th Special Forces Green Beret for 12 years. We served together overseas for years. He’s a red boned American like me. He just happens to be living in Russia right now.

“The Bear” has been the known bad guy to the planet for over 100 years. As portrayed in so many movies like Red Dawn, Rocky IV, Rambo and so many other movies. No, I am absolutely not a fan of Communism, the police state, Marxism, or anything else like that that has come from the former Soviet Union. What I’ve researched and uncovered about President Putin was a bit surprising to me, which brings me to the conclusion of this article. The guy is all about traditional family values. He is a protector of his country and not open to allowing anything that can or will harm their culture. He is not for open borders, abortion, homosexuality. He is for religion, being a religious man himself due to his upbringing and his mother. He believes in God. He is loyal to his countrymen and women. That is what I have gathered reading about him. Kinda sound like an old school Republican to me. He has been a member of roughly five political parties and each one, in order, is a tamed down version of the original Communist Part which he was originally a member of.

In conclusion, I’ll pose this question. What if what he is doing is trying to stop the spread of corrupt world views and one world government? By agreement, Ukraine was supposed to stay neutral. They have been leaning more and more towards western views and culture. They are supposed to be like Switzerland. We’ve all read or heard about the issues with Ukraine and the Biden family. Maybe Ukraine isn’t as innocent as the media portrays? War is ugly and horrific. I’ve seen it. One night in Herat, Afghanistan a boy lost his foot due to a grenade attack about 25 yards from me. A wall separated us. That boy did nothing to deserve that. War is truly hell. The bigger picture is what is most important. World media sure is promoting Ukraine as the innocent one here. What if they’re not? What if this is all the doing of our OWN American government and their cronies?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. My ask is that you step back and look at the big picture, then begin to scrape off the layers to see what is really underneath. It may surprise you.


2 Replies to “What If Putin Is Not Wrong?”

  1. Excellent analysis Brian I didn’t think of it that way. I thought Ukraine was in the same position we were in before the revolutionary war and we fought for our independence and got it…… But if they want their independence they want the freedom of old America (not this jacked up version we are living in now)


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