So, How’d Your Year Go?

February will be my 2 year mark since having gone through my 1 week resident initiation at Boulder Crest Retreat. Two years have gone by pretty fast and a LOT has happened. Like I've stated before, probably the best takeaway and the foundation for "change" is that I became more intimate with "choice". My favorite …

Network Marketing and Post Traumatic Growth

I’ve had an interesting realization recently. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve visited with quite a few people and have been reflecting on what has worked over the past year. It’s good to do that from time to time to adjust for growth. You cannot do the same thing next year that you’re doing this …

We All Walk The Path of Life

I am on a path. That path is called "Warrior PATHH" and I was introduced to this at Boulder Crest Retreat in February 2017. The path never ends and if embraced, the path leads to understanding past experiences and welcoming new experiences with more knowledge of self and preparation for receiving the unknown. The more …

A Work in Progress and Crushing Life!!

To start off let’s back up a few years. Like 25 years or so. Growing up in a home with a loving mother and father is where it began for me. Things were normal with my two sisters and my folks. My “more active negative tendencies” began in high school. I’m not really sure what it was that led me down the path but I just started to enjoy physical confrontations.

The Matrix. Yep!! I Took The Pill.

Many who know me have seen quite a bit of change in me the past month. This morning as I was having some reflection time and reading I kind of chuckled to myself. I thought, “Dude, I’ve totally taken the pill and entered the Matrix”. Things look so differently to me know. I have been awakened and I see things differently. I have a new realization of things around me in my world. I know this sounds deep and a little hokey, but it’s real.

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