PTSD Is A Choice. There’s Another Option.

Having been involved, passionately, in the PTSD debacle over the past 18 months what I've learned is what the title says, "PTSD is a choice".  Stating this to most people who have been diagnosed will strongly disagree without hesitation. Why? Because most everyone feels there is no alternative. You're broke, you can't be fixed so …


What’s With All The Pills?

In recent months I’ve had plenty discussions with people expressing my personal opinion towards pharmaceutical medications. This subject matter is about as sensitive as talking politics or religion. People feel very strongly about their position and will defend it. Most the time the only defense is that it makes them feel better. However, the residual …

A Work in Progress and Crushing Life!!

To start off let’s back up a few years. Like 25 years or so. Growing up in a home with a loving mother and father is where it began for me. Things were normal with my two sisters and my folks. My “more active negative tendencies” began in high school. I’m not really sure what it was that led me down the path but I just started to enjoy physical confrontations.

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