What’s With All The Pills?

In recent months I’ve had plenty discussions with people expressing my personal opinion towards pharmaceutical medications. This subject matter is about as sensitive as talking politics or religion. People feel very strongly about their position and will defend it. Most the time the only defense is that it makes them feel better. However, the residual effects from the usage of said medications can be catastrophic.


In recent months “they” have labeled the prescription and usage of Opioids as an epidemic. My concern is mostly within the veteran community since I am a part of that community. The veteran community can also be labeled as the “Guinea Pig” community. Much of what the civilian world has and does was tested in the military. Look at communications, GPS and medical advancements. Since this subject matter hit so home to me, as a user of prescription meds, I felt it has been my responsibility to dig deeper into the rabbit hole and share with others what I have learned. See, I began to struggle with and addiction to Opiates due to chronic pain. Having been diagnosed with “PTSD”, I have also been prescribed psychotropic drugs as well. Those drugs were only taken for a short period of time. The reason I stopped taking them is because I began to read. Here is an excellent documentary called The Hidden Enemy.


It baffles me when I see these commercials on TV that advertise medications because the end of the commercial they state the “possible side-effects”. What gets me is that people still roll the dice and choose to take these drugs. I just don’t get it. I don’t get why someone would want to put that crap in their body with those possible side-effects. I know why, instant gratification, perhaps. I am highly against any psychological drugs. I have seen firsthand, what it does to people I have served with and very close friends of mine whose body and mind has been rocked from taking these drugs. I remember being overseas and the docs were quick to give whatever for whatever. I used to take Ambien to KEEP me asleep. I decided to quit taking it due to the dreams I’d have and how “hung over” I felt when I finally came to. Back in the early days of the Global War on Terrorism, we were given either Doxycycline or Mefloquine. What’s funny about the Mefloquine is that we found out years later the horrible side-effects of it. I took it for two years.


No wonder service members have so many issues. The problem with it all is that if we wish to continue to serve, you have to take the medications. Free will is a funny thing. We can choose for ourselves actions the directly affect us. Having been in the health and wellness industry for just about 10 years now, I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and physical activity. Back to the instant gratification bit, that’s what society wants. Want to be bigger and stronger? Take this. Want to be smaller and leaner? Take this. Are you sad? Take this. Is your child too talkative? He needs to take this. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Drugs are not the answer but society has given doctors the GOD label. Basically, whatever a doctor says is fact. Again, WRONG! “Sir, due to your headaches, we’re going to have to remove your toes”, says the doctor. So the patient answers, “Um, ok. Whatever you think is best, doc”. Are you kidding me?!

“A total of 106 surveys were returned for a response rate of 84%. Ninety-nine of the 106 schools responding required some form of nutrition education; however, only 32 schools (30%) required a separate nutrition course. On average, students received 23.9 contact hours of nutrition instruction during medical school (range: 2–70 h). Only 40 schools required the minimum 25 h recommended by the National Academy of Sciences. Most instructors (88%) expressed the need for additional nutrition instruction at their institutions.”

All this is exactly why I CHOSE for myself to live a cleaner lifestyle. Sure, I still have the PTSD diagnosis but I work every day to manage it through different practices. One of those practices is getting more oxygen to my brain which helps to fill my “Joy Tank” vs being depressed and angry all the time. It’s amazing what you can learn if you simply conduct your own research then use yourself as a guinea pig. What I have learned that works for me, I have also learned has worked for many others. “What’s the point, Bryan”? I guess the point and reason for me writing this today is that I’m sick and tired of the widespread usage of pharmaceutical meds. My mother had cancer and went the chemo and radiation route. My mother-in-law had cancer and went the natural route. Both survived but what I learned through that is that we know chemo and radiation is harmful to the body, right? Choosing to kill cancer with nutrition is obviously a healthier route, right? Why don’t more people do that? Through my research I have found Tocotrienols to be the tip of the spear when it comes to fighting cancer and tumors. However, you rarely, if ever, hear anyone talk of it.


Do your research, folks. Choose life and choose better health. Just because a doctor tells us what we need or should do doesn’t mean they are right. Personally? I use my Kyani supplements and they have absolutely changed my mental AND physical well being. If you’re not sure where to begin for research or what options are out there, contact me and I’ll point you down a new path. That is all. Good day.


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