The Three Fuels of Success


I used to see it all the time as a CrossFit affiliate owner and I’ve seen it with my kids and many other people who begin a new adventure in life. Think about your buddy who played their first 18 holes of golf (I don’t golf). Remember how they went out and spent thousands of dollars on shoes, gloves, clubs, towels, balls, tees, bag, lessons, etc., etc.? Six months later you ask them how their “game” was coming along and they say, “Yeeeeah, about that. I haven’t golfed in months”. “WHAT!! You went out and spent all that money on the equipment and lessons and I tolerated all your talks about a new technique and whatnot”! That, my friends, is what I like to call the “Bottle Rocket Effect”. People start something new and their level of enthusiasm is through the roof. But, because they lacked two other fuels they were not able to have that break thru.



My 7-year-old wants to learn so many things. I think that’s awesome. My 18-year-old played the guitar for a few months. I could give example after example and I’m guilty of having done that myself in the past. The 3 fuels people need to be successful at anything are 1.) Enthusiasm 2.) Commitment 3.) Conviction. Without those three fuels you will see the Bottle Rocket Effect take over. You probably see it the most in network marketing. People see a presentation, learn just enough about the product, think it’s the best thing since pockets on shirts, runs out to tell everyone about it at full speed. After they begin to receive some push back and people telling them no…they quit. Why? They weren’t committed in the first place. That first fuel of enthusiasm will only take you so far. It’s an awesome fuel! Don’t get me wrong, but it WILL burn out. You MUST have that level of commitment. The first 5K run my 18-year-old did with me when he was about 8 I told him specifically, “Now, a lot of people are going to take off running at a sprint. Don’t do that. Start with a nice jog to get into a rhythm that works for you. I’ll run with you the entire time”. You already know what happened. BANG!!! The gun went off and like being chased by a hoard of zombies he was gone. All the other kids did it as well. I just smiled and began my trot. About 150 yards later I caught up to him. He was fading fast. As I began to pass him I lovingly hollered, “Come on! Stay with me”! He almost vomited a few times but as I slowed my roll he was able to keep at a pace we could finish with. Life, success and business is not a sprint. Heck! It’s not even a 5K. It’s a marathon, baby.



The fuel of commitment brings on another feeling. Once the initial excitement has begun to burn out the emotion of “Will” kicks in. Commitment takes purpose and focus. Goal setting is critical at this point and achieving those goals are the utmost importance. Commitment is being able to take a couple punches but stay on your feet. Being able to ride the storm KNOWING and believing there are sunny skies. This fuel can override thoughts or feelings of wanting to quit, coast or “back off for a while”. The one thing I’ve personally found is that if you don’t truly believe in your product or service you are offering your commitment is a pipe dream. It’s a false hope. So, make sure what you are offering truly does provide value to people.



The last fuel is the one that will get you through anything. It is unflinching belief and is non-negotiable. This faith is unshakable. For me, I have that conviction in my current business. That is what makes me smile like I know a secret others do not. It drives me! Conviction is what keeps people going when they hit a wall, start to experience fatigue and slow growth. What I have found to work best in growing my conviction is surrounding myself with other successful people who have the same conviction as I do. The cool part about that is that it will restore your ENTHUSIASM! You become like those you associate with. Practicing this and knowing how these 3 fuels work is paramount to your own success.


Always continue to learn and practice good habits. Emulate successful people. Those good habits will compound, daily. Over time, the marathon you have been running will look like a mere 5K.

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