Fibromyalgia Management?

I spend a lot of my time reading medical research, reading about nutrition, researching claims to healing, all-natural mumbo jumbo, etc. The past few years I’ve really begun to dig in deeper into foods, food sources, effects of food and nutrition related issues. I’ve dug up a lot of good information and have seen a repeated common denominator to most all illnesses. Inflammation. Inflammation is the mother of everything evil. I’ve worked with people who suffer from arthritis, Hashimoto’s, Lymes disease, Fibromyalgia, Crohn’s, IBS, cancer, ALS, MS and some other “itises”. Having to deal with arthritis myself for the past 10 years I chose to dig in and figure this thing out. I needed some liberation.


In a nut shell, we’ve all heard about pH, alkalinity, etc. Most of us have heard of the foods that drive us into an acidic state. It’s all debatable but data doesn’t lie. We know that red meat, pork and dairy are all culprits when it comes to a high pH pushing us away from homeostasis. After using my own body as my own laboratory I’ve learned a LOT. Also asking folks to help me out by trying something different and receiving feedback from them. The overall consensus is lack of proper nutrition will drive your body into a frenzy. For the folks with the issues stated above, simply committing to a daily regimen of products that delivers the right amount of vitamins, nutrients and minerals has radically altered the severity of their issues due to the amount of antioxidants and inflammation fighting properties.


What have they been using? They used what I started using in April 2018. I needed some guinea pigs to join me to back up the results I was having. Improved health with a decline of chronic pain and limitations due to the arthritis born from the amount of inflammation in my body. First, my mom. She was able to get off her daily meds for arthritis. She also saw two small tumor like lumps completely disappear. She is a breast cancer survivor so any lumps on her body causes concern. She still uses the diet I recommended over a year ago. Second, a friend of mine in her mid 50’s with MS suffered from muscular cramping from the MS. A month after she began my recommendation she had ZERO cramps. Two friends stepped out in faith to help me and themselves. One has Hashimoto’s and the other suffers from Lyme’s Disease. Both reported an increase in energy and less pain in their bodies. Another friend with Fibromyalgia relayed to me a significant increase in energy, a reduction in the “needle like pain”, better sleep and generally an increase in mood. I could go on and on, having worked with over 100 people. Here is one testimonial I read recently.

“I’m an executive assistant, I work with presidents and vice presidents of corporations. I have been with Kyani about 13 months and it just radically transformed my life. For years and years I’ve had fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. What that means is for a lot of years I could not work, and when I could work I’d come home and I’d just pass out for hours every night, and on weekends I can’t get out of bed.

Fibromyalgia is a disorder where it feels like you have a virus or a flu 24 hours a day. Your in constant pain, the pain never goes away. It had reached a point for me where every time I took a shower I felt like it was knives going into my scalp. I have reached a point of really no hope. It’s hard to manage fibromyalgia and a lot of people end up on disability.

About 13 months ago I started taking the Kyani products and they have transformed my life. About 2-½ weeks after starting them I began to see a little increase in energy. After about 2-½ months the pain is gone. I have a life, a life I haven’t known for 7 years. I am up at night, I’m awake, we can go out for dinner or whatever. And on the weekends we can go out, enjoy Hawaii and just really experience life the way its suppose to be. I just thank God for Kyani because it has given me a hope in life.”


I always chuckle when people say to me, “I’m really into juicing”. I think, “Great!! What do you put in there”? They go on to tell me the basic foods we see in our grocery stores. God bless ’em for trying and I really commend their efforts. They are missing out on SO much!! I believe God put all sorts of goodies on this planet for us to use. It’s just that some of those goodies are in South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc. You have to really extend your reach to get ’em. Like Noni fruit. Native to Southeast Asia and Australasia. You won’t see it in a grocery store in Missouri. Noni fruit is one of the best ways to increase Nitric Oxide production in the body which radically fights inflammation. There are other fruits and vegetables in the all-star line up of the Triangle of Health that help us in the fight against the detestable inflammation. To learn more, read about the Triangle of Health.

Just remember, there is hope for those who continue to educate themselves and fight the good fight. If you like what you’ve read, please leave a comment, Like, Share and Subscribe!!!


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